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Why the name?


It’s often hard naming a business. You wouldn’t think it would it would be, but it is. We’d thrown lots around, but they all seemed so generic and blah.

It wasn’t until Tom and I were down in Savannah for St Patrick's Day, almost a month later, that we found it. Tom and the guys (Yonkers Fire Dept. Pipes and Drums) had marched in the parade the day before. I’d joined them in feeling a little worse for wear, while sitting on an outdoor patio, underneath moss-covered live oaks. Tom studied the brunch menu. Peach mimosas! Perfect! “Gotta love those peaches,” he said throwing me a saucy wink.

The restaurant was busy, the drinks sickly sweet and the peach slices (which had definitely seen better days) were ringing the glasses like a shrimp cocktail. We drank them, but they didn’t go down especially well…it was definitely daring.

It was an odd moment to find our name – but it worked for us! A mix between a double-dare dare ya and TS Elliot’s Do I dare to eat a peach?

All jumbled up. Funny, Unusual and very sweet.

Eat the Peach Travel – For Lifes’ Sweet Adventures!

Drink Sampler
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