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Who Are We?

In another life, a YFD Captain, and a public school teacher. These days it’s all about traveling with friends – new and old.
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Life Change...

Several years ago, after getting married in San Miguel De Allende, we started, an import business. We really enjoyed working with regional artisans and running a fun, online enterprise. At the same time, our blended family of five worked with Casa De Los Angeles – an American run charity for children in San Miguel. We continue to donate time energy and resources were able.

On A Mission!

The wealth of experience, gained along the way, has helped us channel that knowledge, business savvy and passion into Eat The Peach Travel. A small group travel business, focussing on handpicked itineraries. Small groups of like-minded travelers, visiting locations you’ve always wanted to explore, but guided along lesser known paths… Sort of like a friends group with a traveling problem!


Warmest wishes and we hope to meet you soon, Sharon & Tom

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