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Eat The Peach Travel: Dublin + Galway, pubs, castles & craic!



















































There's no better place than Ireland's capital city to get a real feel for contemporary Irish culture. Truly an international city and uniquely Irish, exploring we will go! Galway is the gateway city to Ireland's rural west, a great destination in itself or a starting point for day trips to Irelands West.

On this trip, we'll see iconic sights and typical everyday life...Irish culture...food, music, and craic. By the way, "craic" pronounced like crack, the street drug in the U.S., is a Gaelic word that means good times. You'll hear it and see it written frequently in Ireland.



Flights   The trip starts in Dublin and ends in Galway. 

So the most convenient way to book your flight would be into Dublin airport and back from Shannon airport (Shannon serves the West of Ireland). 

Dublin (city center) is approximately 35 mins from Dublin Airport.  

Galway is approximately 1.30 hrs from Shannon Airport

Galway City is approximately 2.45 mins from Dublin city center.


Below are what we consider the great search engines for flights:

#1 momondo 

#2 skyscanner

#3 google flights 




Airport Transportation:


Is not included in the tour.  However, we are more than happy to book it for you - just let us know.  Once we have received everyone's flight itinerary we can explore options on picking up 'groups'. 


DUBLIN: Worst scenario (getting to the hotel 'on yer tod') involves the following: Taxi directly to the hotel = 35 Euro, approximately (to the hotel in Dublin from the airport is best accomplished by using a taxi directly to the Clayton Charlemont hotel. The fare is approximately 35 Euro.

SHANNON: Again, Once we have received everyone's flight itinerary we can explore options on picking up 'groups'. However, shuttle options are available, ranging from $40 - $80 per person depending on our numbers.  



Ground Transportation:

We'll be using a motor coach for the trip from Dublin to Galway with a few stops in between. Transportation to Shannon airport can be accomplished most economically by taking the Shannon airport bus from downtown Galway City. The fares we checked were from 10 to 15 euro. Another option is to take a taxi or private car and that can be anywhere from 100 to 150 euros. Once we have everyone's schedules, we'll try to hire a minibus if enough people are taking the same flights home. Please feel free to text/email us with any questions/inquiries… we’re here.





If you're arriving in Ireland from outside the EU, you'll need to clear customs.  Common sense prevails. Your prescription medicines are no problem.


Sales Tax (VAT) refunds!!

Under the Retail Export Scheme, if you live outside of the EU, you can claim back a portion of the VAT on purchases made during your stay in the Republic of Ireland. Most retailers participate in this VAT refund scheme and you can ask for a VAT refund form in the store once you've made your purchases.


How to claim your refund


There are three refund points in Dublin where you can reclaim your tax. You can also find refund points in Dublin and Shannon airports.

Make sure you fill in the form correctly and include a credit card number to facilitate the refund. 

If the purchase value of any one item on your VAT refund form is €2,000 or above, you will need to present your form, goods receipt and the item to a customs official at your point of exit for a validation stamp.





Like any other big city, there's some crime in the "bad" neighborhoods (we won't be visiting there)  There's nothing to worry about: just use standard big city precautions and be aware of your surroundings.  Watch your purses, wallets, handbags, etc.




The euro s (€) is the official currency of the European Union (EU.) and as of this writing, it's 1.13 dollars per Euro. A historically decent exchange rate.


There are ATM's all over the city just like the U.S. and that's what we recommend to use. No need to exchange a large amount of money at the airport currency exchange. Ireland, like the rest of Europe, is expensive -.on par with most US cities.




The tap water throughout Ireland is fine. No absolute need for bottled water.




No matter what time of year you visit the Emerald Isle you are likely to experience rain, though December and January tend to be the wettest (and coldest) months.


The shoulder season months of April, May, September, and October bring a lovely mixture of weather- you may wake to a cool, rainy morning which turns to a warm, sunny afternoon.  Or exactly the opposite.


The weather is part of Ireland's charm and, as I've often heard said, “If the Irish waited for the rain to stop before they did anything, nothing would ever get done!”

Don't forget an umbrella and walking shoes!




Pretty much everything that a large American city would have, lots of choices plus plenty of fresh, local farm to table Irish dishes and typical Irish fare - Irish breakfast or Shepherds Pie, Fish and Chips and much more. 


(There's a KICKARSE Donner Kabab restaurant in Temple Bar!!)



Emergency care

Ireland has a first-rate healthcare system comparable to U.S. healthcare. No need to worry about the level of care if an emergency arises.






All group trips are accompanied by one of our representative, or an expedition team. The aim of the group leader is to take the hassle out of your travels and to help you have the best trip possible. They will provide information on the places you are traveling through, offer suggestions for things to do and see, recommend great local eating venues and introduce you to our local friends. While not being guides in the traditional sense you can expect them to have a broad general knowledge of the countries visited on the trip, including historical, cultural, religious and social aspects. We also use local guides where we think more specific knowledge will add to the enjoyment of the places we are visiting- we think it's the best of both worlds.

Group Size:  Max 18 Adults



Communication Style...The Irish have turned speaking into an art form. Their tendency to be lyrical and poetic has resulted in a verbal eloquence. They use stories and anecdotes to relay information and value a well-crafted message.


How you speak says a lot about you in Ireland.

The Irish appreciate modesty and can be suspicious of people who are loud and tend to brag. They dislike a superiority complex of any sort. So, for example, when discussing your professional achievements it is best to casually insert the information in short snippets during several conversations rather than embarking on a long self-centered outline of your successes.

Communication styles vary from direct to indirect depending upon who is being spoken to. There is an overall cultural tendency for people to view politeness as more important than telling the absolute truth. This means that you may not easily receive a negative response. When you are being spoken to, listen closely. A great deal may be implied, beyond what is actually being said. For example, if someone becomes silent before agreeing, they have probably said “no”. They may also give a non-committal response. This may be due to the fact that the Gaelic language does not have words for “yes” or “no”. There is a tendency to use understatement or indirect communication rather than say something that might be contentious.


Generally speaking they do not like confrontation and prefer to avoid conflict, which they attempt to avoid by being humorous and showing good manners.

Humour...The Irish have a reputation for their wit and humor – which they call having ‘the craic’ [pronounced crack]. As well as quick-tongued with jokes they also make eloquent and witty speakers. They pride themselves on being able to find humor and it is often self-deprecating or ironic.

It is common for the Irish to trade insults and tease one another (called “slagging”) with people to whom they are close. If you are teased, it is important to take it well and not see it as personal. They have a rich history in storytelling which was used to pass information down through the generations (poems and songs also served the same purpose).


We reserve the right to change advertised hotels at our discretion. Reasons may include hotel renovations, large groups, school trips, or any other event that we feel may adversely affect the standard to which we hold our tours.  However, any hotel substitutions will be of equal or greater quality.




*Tour begins in Dublin Saturday AM.


*We gladly make arrangements for flights/ airport transfers to   4-star Clayton Hotel Charlemont, located in Dublin city center.


*Free Walking Tour of Dublin South


*Afternoon/evening walk around to get acquainted with city surroundings.


*Happy hour at a local pub!


Overnight in Dublin hotel.




*Breakfast at the hotel.


*Free time to explore the city's countless attractions, shops, and parks.


*Group tour to the world famous Guinness  Brewery Storehouse! Learn all about the famous good stuff, learn how to pour a pint, and taste like a pro!


*Free evening in this fabulous city! Or tag along with us to our favorite local joints!


Meals: Full Irish breakfast 


Overnight in Dublin hotel





*Breakfast at the hotel.


*Morning "free time" for optional excursions,  shopping or wandering. 


*Optional all-day group excursion to the "Wild Wicklow Mountains" including  Glendalough and the ancient city of Kilkenny.


*Upon return, pub meetup!


Meals: breakfast


Overnight in Dublin hotel





*Breakfast at the hotel.


*Depart hotel after breakfast, via private motor coach for Galway City.


*On the way a paid stop at Trim Castle, the largest  Norman castle in Ireland.


*On the way a paid stop at Tullamore Distillery visitors center. Distillers of the famous Tullamore Dew.


*Late afternoon, arrive in Galway City, check into the 167-year-old, 4-star Hotel Meyrick.


*Happy hour pub meetup!


Meals: Full Irish breakfast


Overnight in Galway





*Breakfast at the hotel.


*Paid walking tour of Galway City.


*Happy hour meetup!


Meals: breakfast


Overnight Galway





*Breakfast at the hotel.


*Optional all-day group excursion to Cliffs of Moher and 'The Burren'.


*Happy hour meetup!


Meals: breakfast.


Overnight Galway





*Breakfast at the hotel.  


*Optional all-day excursion to Connemara, Cong and Kylemore Abbey.


*Farewell Dinner as a group at a historic pub!


Meals: Breakfast, Dinner


Overnight: Galway




*Breakfast at the hotel.


*Flights home. Tour ends in Galway.  Shannon airport is most convenient to Galway City.


Meals: breakfast.


What's Included?

  • 3 nights lodging at 4 star Clayton Charlmont Hotel, Dublin city center.

  • 3 full Irish cooked breakfast daily.

  • 4 nights lodging at 4 star Hotel Meyrick, Galway historic city center.

  • 4 full Irish cooked breakfast daily.

  • Private transportation for the entire trip.

  • Entrance to Guinness Storehouse includes pint-pour + tasting.

  • Entrance to Trim Castle en route to Galway

  • Entrance to Tullamore Distillery en route to Galway

  • Guided walking tour, Galway 

  • Farewell group dinner in a historic Irish pub.

  • High-quality tour bag stuffed with goodies!



The information in this trip details document has been compiled with care and is provided in good faith. However, it is subject to change and does not form part of the contract between the client and the operator. The itinerary featured is correct at time of printing. It may differ slightly from the one in the brochure. Occasionally our itineraries change as we make improvements that stem from past travellers, comments, and our own research. Sometimes it can be a small change like adding an extra meal to the itinerary. Sometimes the change may result in us altering the tour for the coming year. Ultimately, our goal is to provide you with the most rewarding experience.



While it is our intention to adhere to the route described below, there is a certain amount of flexibility built into the itinerary and on occasion, it may be necessary, or desirable to make alterations. The itinerary is brief, as we never know exactly where our journey will take us. Due to our style of travel and the regions we visit, travel can be unpredictable. The Trip Details document is a general guide to the tour and region and any mention of specific destinations or wildlife is by no means a guarantee that they will be visited or encountered.   Any travel times listed are approximations only and subject to vary due to local circumstances.