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We Believe In The Power of FEEDBACK As A Valuable Insight To Who We Are!! 

See What Our 'Eat The Peachers' Have To Say...

A week of friendly, flavorful, aromatic and scenic memories that will last a lifetime’


 Best of all, and it was unanimous from day one, our compatible group dynamic was simply Simpatico!  Most of us had never met but we were soon a sharing, joyous and compassionate family. By week’s end parting company was very difficult as we boarded the (luxurious and included!) bus ride to the airport in Leon.


Muchas Gracias Tom and Sharon….5-STARS….Without reservation!    11/6/17   John. B  / Clinton NJ

A more thorough pre-trip preparation and expectation package could not have been assembled. In addition to the main event, the spectacular Las Muertos Celebration and parade….for which all 20 of us were costumed and professionally face-painted, we were treated with the opportunities for a guided town-wide trolley tour, a sumptuous vineyard tasting with tapas meal, a hair-raising and glorious afternoon ATV adventure, two private walking tours presented by San Miguel’s premier tour guide, and several delectable dinners in some of the best SMA restaurants.

I dared to ‘Eat The Peach” and join Sharon and Tom’s inaugural San Miguel de Allende ‘Dia De Los Muertos’ Tour and enjoyed one of the most relaxing, congenial, informative and feast-for-the-senses weeks of my life. I once owned a travel agency, have been a place or two….so that’s not an uninformed opinion!


Our hotel accommodations….just a few minutes walking distance or short taxi ride from most of everything one could want to visit, could not have been more pleasant and welcoming. Great breakfast and coffee, a traditionally-appointed courtyard and friendly staff greeted us every day!  My room was beautifully decorated, spacious and quiet. A luxurious mattress provided seven (of seven) perfect night’s sleep!

It’s hard to imagine a more complete, accommodating and friendly introduction to one of the most beautiful small town’s in the world.  In past visits together and with family, Sharon and Tom have made strong friendships and connections…. They know the town well. We were introduced to many Mexicans….local & relocated, and Americans who have happily chosen to make SMA their full or part-time home. Not even for a moment did anyone of us feel like strangers!

Although I wish great success to Sharon & Tom in their business, I am reluctant to tell too many people about this for fear that it might lose the unique intimacy that is lacking in so many other group tours & agencies.  It is that special.  I look forward to traveling with them again soon and I would follow them to the ends of the earth.

'Where to begin?'                     11/04/17  Vincent T.  Boonton, NJ


From the transfer at the airport to the personal touches in the hotel room upon arrival, I felt welcome. 

Recommendations and advice flowed freely from the host & hostess - so helpful and knowledgable.  Just the right balance between personal time and scheduled events, and if you're looking for 100% personal time you could have that too.  But, if the latter is you're preference then you'd be shortchanging yourself.  Our small group bonded in a remarkable way and in no time, strangers became friends with uncanny connections. 

We are so glad we choose ''Eat The Peach Travel' to experience San Miguel De Allende for the first time!                         Mike & Jennifer 11/30/17

Also, it was so much fun dressing and participating in the 'Dia de Los Muertos' parade.  We would highly recommend 'Eat The Peach Travel' to anyone that would love to explore new places and to truly experience all that they have to offer. 

Every detail was thoughtfully taken care of by Sharon & Tom.  They chose a fabulous place for everyone to stay - Hotel Hacienda El Santuario was beautiful, friendly, and conveniently located... It was also great to know that any questions or concerns we had were promptly addressed by Sharon & Tom. 

Hola– Senora Sharon y Senor Tom-“Eat the Peach Travel,”  Mistress and Master of the Joyful Travel Universe!

Also, it was so much fun dressing and participating in the 'Dia de Los Muertos' parade.  We would highly recommend 'Eat The Peach Travel' to anyone that would love to explore new places and to truly experience all that they have to offer. 

Lunch at the winery made me feel like I was  a character in an Isabelle Allende novel, That was a “Pinch me, is this really real?” experience. The smell of the air in that field, the sunlight, the wide expanse, the history, the pride in the workers… it was  a sensory feast on every level.  I’m also glad I got to explore the back county roads on the ATVS. The leaders were very protective and attentive.  The beautiful scenery made my heart feel wide open. 

I loved every day.  Which was my favorite?  Hmm… well, Dia de Los Muertos, of course. However, everything begins with the hotel.  Staying at that particular hotel set the tone for what gave me an immediate appreciation that this was a sophisticated, personalized, “Time Suspended,”  laid-back, luxury travel experience.  The attentive and friendly staff,  the fresh-picked, beautifully presented breakfast we  enjoyed in the repose of that sweet lush garden, was heaven on earth.  Every day, I felt “safe” and “personally cared for” and so grateful to “come home." It was Perfect.

The entire day of preparation for Día De Los Muertos, for me, was tops.  I’m so glad I followed Sharon’s advice to have our makeup professionally done. I loved the camaraderie of sharing Dias De Los Muertos dress up and play with my fellow Eat the Peachers.  I loved how no less than 5 of my fellow Peachers tried to fix the sharp bustier metal stays which were drawing blood from my torso (some girls will do anything for beauty).

We got to participate in activities that wouldn't have happened if we'd traveled solo.  For example, it was such an honor and a surprise to participate in the 'pyramid of the dead' art installation with our very own 'group nicho'.  Our 'nicho' featured photos and momentos of our friends and family (and a few pets) who have passed before us.

This vacation adventure feels like it was created just for me, and yet I think every member of our happy, energetic group feels this same way.  Every little detail was thought out and executed by you with jolly grace (Ya tricked us. We never saw ya sweat!).  I love that I didn’t have to do ANY of the tedious work of creating an unforgettable travel experience,  which for me,  is all about discovering off the beaten path jewels – you got em all!

Thank you!!

A big, big “Thank you”  from my heart for creating an unforgettable travel experience for me in San Miguel De Allende!  I am in LOVE with San Miguel!  The people, the streets, the color of the sky, the music, mysticism and intrigue, the history, the sincerely welcoming locals,  yummy (cheap) food on every corner and of course, my fellow Eat The Peachers!   I want to go back as soon as possible and I want to go back with “MY” Eat the Peach gang!  Did we luck out, or what?  I think I’ve made some new “lifetime” friends.  I think a “Same Time Next Year” option for “OUR” group needs to get on the books  NOW!

It's so hard to pick one experience over the other because the whole trip was amazing! 


But, i have to say, the private vineyard tour was an incredibly lovely afternoon.  Of course, the Dia De Los Muertos festivities and parade were such a 'one of a kind' experience!  The hacienda was so beautiful, and the staff was so genuinely warm, friendly and accommodating - couldn't imagine staying anywhere else. Thank you both so much. I cannot express how much i enjoyed the whole week. You are both so professional and think of every want or need...Can't wait for the next adventure! 


Heather C, Califon N.J 11/04/17 

If you need a vacation that both invigorates and relaxes you, this is the perfect week. 


I was ready for some rest and relaxation but found I didn't want to stop doing everything that was on the activity menu! San Miguel is a special place but it was made so special with our guides, Tom & Sharon, as well as our hacienda staff.  the trip was the perfect getaway with fun, cultural immersion, excellent food, and beautiful surroundings and weather!


Thank You, love Christi C, Califon NJ

It's so hard to pick one moment, because the whole trip was so amazing...But I have to say I really loved the private vineyard tour, it was a lovely afternoon.

...of course, the Dia De Los Muertos parade and the festivities beforehand, was such a 'one of a kind' experience!

The Hacienda was so beautiful, and the staff was so genuinely warm, friendly and accommodating.  I couldn't imagine staying anywhere else!

Tom and Sharon organized a fantastic and memorable tour of San Miguel de Allende during the celebration of the day of the dead. 


The hotel and restaurants were top notch, the group was fun, and every detail was taken care of.  We had plenty of free time to explore on our own; and plenty of lots of amazing experience with our group. 


Highly recommended!!       Jennifer Bryson, Nj 11/08/2017

Sharon and Tom are so amazing at planning/hosting incredibly vacations.  they will take you to places you only dream of.  We went to San Miguel De Allende, with Eat The Peach Travel, on a whim.  We knew nothing about the city and trusted them because we know them to be trustworthy and knowledgeable - as well as full of adventure!  The city was stunning and magical.  Fantastic restaurants and sightseeing.  Additionally, the views were world class.  thank you, Sharon and Tom, for providing me with the opportunity to have a fantastic vacation!    Cindy C & Jimmy E, NJ