Travel Myths You Should Know

Throughout our years of travel we have gained quite a bit of experience within the travel industry. We've come across a lot of different opinions, theories, beliefs, and characters who have different takes on travel. We're here today to tell you some of our travel myths and tips we've experienced and let ya in on our secrets.

Travel is too Expensive

Of course everyone's idea of travel is different, but a very common myth is that travel is too expensive! If you want to stay in luxury hotels and take private transfers everywhere then, of course, you’ll fly through money, but if you travel smart, you can live on the road for a fraction of the cost that you do at home, especially in places like south-east Asia or Eastern Europe.

Here are some of our travel tips to save some cash:

  • Group Travel! At Eat The Peach Travel we take care of everything so what you sign up for is guaranteed price, no unseen spending!

  • Share meals! Overeating = overspending.

  • If you can, cook at your accommodation. Foreign grocery stores are so fun to explore.

  • Take public transport over taxis.

  • Use budget airlines when possible or overland transport.

  • Take advantage of free activities such as free walking tours.

  • Do your research prior to arriving.

  • Don’t ever book a tour through Trip Advisor or Viator. Their prices are 4x the amount!

  • Always be aware of taxi/tuk-tuk/motorbike fares prior to accepting a ride.

Travel is Dangerous

First things first. Stop watching the news! They thrive on sensationalism and over-exaggeration! For non-biased news we encourage NPR (but to each it's own :)) When you travel you’ll always hear stories of muggings, or pickpocketing or unfortunate events that are simply unavoidable but guess what, it can happen anywhere and it’s often due to a combination of ignorance or pure bad luck.

Tips to stay safe:

  • Avoid wearing heavy jewelry or large diamond engagement rings, especially in lower socio-economic countries.

  • Don’t walk around areas that aren’t lit up at night time.

  • Make yourself aware of your surroundings.

  • Learn the customs of a country.

  • Don’t keep all your money in the one place.

  • Don’t leave your wallet or phone in your back pockets.

  • Listen to the locals, if they tell you to avoid an area, avoid it!

  • Avoid going out drinking alone. Good thing we'll accompany you on our tours ;)

  • Keep your carry on bags close to you especially when on overland transport.

Street Food Will Make You Sick

This one is upsetting and probably one of the most common myths! Street food is such an amazing way to see, taste, and experience the culture of where you're visiting. It is inexpensive, quick and it gives you the chance to try the local cuisine, often alongside the locals.

Street food tips:

  • If you want to eat street food and you’re a newbie to doing so, don’t make your first time a tiny cart in a back alleyway. Instead, seek out and research popular street food areas in the city you’re in. For once, it’s a good idea to follow the crowds.

  • Avoid eating ready-made meals. Instead, have it cooked in front of you.

  • If it’s deep fried or pan fried, you’re fine!

  • If there’s a long line, this means there is often a quick turn over therefore providing you with fresher food.

  • Don’t eat food that’s been sitting in direct sunlight. You wouldn’t do that in your own country so don’t do it somewhere else.

  • Lastly, use your own judgement, if it looks dodgy or dirty, just don’t eat it! Simple.

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