There are art installations that pop up around towns, museums and various open spaces, creative pieces that gather oohs & ahhs from passersby…and then there’s Tomas’ Pyramid.

The pyramid in the Jardin

It’s a curiosity that stops you in your tracks, and, regardless of the sentiment it pulls from you, it never fails to make you stop and soak in the deliciousness of it all. Gaudy yet cultured, somber yet playfully poking grief in the eye, all the while enveloping life’s rich pattern…a testament to the many, many ways we love and cry, share grief and hide it.

It’s all there, smack bang in the middle of the square, towering 20′ above your head. And there, just above eye level, sat our group nicho… “Bring a pic of a loved one lost” we’d told our fellow adventurers…”we’ll make a group ofrenda at the hacienda!”.

Tom, Tomas & Sharon

Everyone did, but the surprise awaiting them was a group nicho – our own ‘eat the peach’ group nicho…and it was humbling, unifying, and yes delicious to be part of Tomas’ Pyramid.

Happy Eat The Peachers!

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