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Buttercup is one of the most famous sloths of all time. And the oldest female three-toed sloth ever recorded. She is widely considered the queen of sloths and lives in the Costa Rica sloth sanctuary.

Sweet Ms. Buttercup was catapulted to international recognition from the wildly popular Animal Planet series “Meet the Sloths”.

Buttercup was only a few months old when taken to the center by helpful travelers who’d seen an adult sloth (probably her mother) dead from injuries along the roadside. The Center had to quickly learn how to care for an infant sloth, as other Costa Rican rescue centers did not know at the time.

Buttercup sits behind her guardian and Sharon

Over the past 27 years, while Buttercup was quietly gaining fame among kids and their parents, the center welcomed biology researchers, Costa Rican veterinary students and conservationists like Sir David Attenborough and Jeff Corwin to the Sloth Sanctuary. She even b