Let's Be Better Humans: Food Waste Edition

When it comes to sustainability, there are so many ways for us to help our planet. We're not asking for you to be perfect, but better humans for our planet.

Food Waste

You ready for this? On average, Americans waste enough food to FILL the Rose Bowl. That means we are WASTING over 40% of our perfectly fine food! So how can we be better humans to the many gifts our planet provides?

Rose Bowl Stadium LA, CA

Artsy Produce

Let's start with what we like to call the artsy produce. I'm sure we all have been to the grocery store and found the one apple or maybe carrot that maybe looked a little...different. Unfortunately, those artsy produce don't get picked! Not because they are bad, but just because they look a little different! Come on Peachers let's be the people to choose the unique produce and appreciate some spunk with our food! Whether you're at the store or local farmers market, choose unique!

Produce By Alexandr Podvalny

There's also tons of platforms like Imperfect Foods that help save artsy produce directly from farmers as many grocery chains won't accept them. These platforms help eliminate food waste, while giving farmers more revenue for their well deserved crops!

Be a Regular

Ok, I think we are all guilty of this one. Do you remember that old bag of lettuce dying in your fridge or maybe some fruit one day away from decomposition? We remember! This is all too common as people have been accustomed to going to the grocery store one time a week, shopping in bulk, but never getting around to all the goodies bought.

It's time we PLAN out our grocery lists for maybe one or two major meals for the week to leave wiggle room for leftovers and snacks. That way, we actually have the time and space in the fridge to make our meals, eat leftovers, and then plan for your next trip. This way, hopefully you're wasting less food as everything can be eaten on time.


Here's a recent tip we learned that is GENIUS! Ok get this, use your old jam, sauce, and other cute glass jars to store your produce and other goodies!

You don't need to go out and buy those fancy glass jars to hold your food in. Your old food jars work great at actually keeping your produce fresh LONGER, while minimizing your kitchen waste. They also work well for holding over night oats, leftover coffee for iced coffee in the morning, and if you're feeling crazy could be used for homemade pickling.

Backyard Basics

If you have a backyard or particularly any space outside, even my balcony Peachers listen up! Our backyards and outdoor spaces can do so many great things for us and our planet.

One of the many great ways you can eliminate food waste and help plants grow is composting! Composting can be scaled to any space and living situation so gather those food scraps. Another way to eliminate food waste is by growing your own produce. At home gardens are a great way to produce small scale fruits and veggies that help sequester carbon! If urban farming isn't your jam, you can also use your backyard space to help plants that attract pollinators like birds and bees. These amazing creatures sustain our ecosystems and provide us with bountiful produce! Check out this list of plants to support our pollinators.

Butterfly By Erik Karits

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