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Last Chance Tourism

Last chance tourism is the tourism industry that is built around the last chance to see something. It could be the last chance to see wild Rhinoceros in Africa, the last chance to see the Great Barrier Reef or the last chance to see Argentina’s glacier fields.If you knew that before long something would be gone for ever, you would likely make an effort to experience it before it is too late...

HOWEVER, what people don’t take into consideration is the impact that the last chance tourism has on the very elements that people are so desperate to see ‘for the last time’.

The increase in traffic flocking to these destinations causes impacts like:

  • Seeing endangered species in their natural habitat disturbs their environment and can make them vulnerable to poachers and hunters.

  • Increased local boat traffic encourages water pollution increasing ocean acidity and a decline in the death of coral population

  • Increased air travel to see these places increases pollution, green houses gases and speeds up climate change

Overall, our desire to see these last chance places only furthers the decline of our planet’s natural beauty. Instead of panicking and further destroying these delicate areas, it's important that travelers are educated that their very own impact causes contribution to global warming and habitat destruction. With this in mind, hopefully the negative can inspire small changes of sustainability like creating tourism as a force for good, stepping up in waste reduction, and inspiring more educated and like minded people.

We've included a list of destinations to keep in mind that are on the last chance tourism list. Now that we know our impact we can step up to do better for these places: