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Knowing What’s Recyclable To Get You Started: Plastic Edition

Recycling may seem daunting, but we’re here to help you get started on your way to being a recycling champ with these few simple tips of what a recyclable is. Grab your pen and get ready to learn Peachers.

Sorting Through The Confusion

While people have become more environmentally conscious, companies have capitalized on our efforts to recycle more. Unfortunately, this means many companies have stretched the boundaries of what is “recyclable” to make their consumers feel better about buying their product. UGH. This only makes it more confusing to sort through the mess of what we can and can’t recycle. We wrote a whole other blog about this tricky topic of Why Recycling Isn’t Enough as not much of what we put into our blue bins gets recycled. So what is “recyclable”?

  • Accessibility: At least 60% consumer access to recycling facilities that accept the item

  • Sortability: Can be sorted by existing recycling infrastructure

  • End Markets: Sufficient market demand to convert material into another item

Resin Identification Codes: AKA The Chasing Arrows

Contrary to popular belief, just because a package has the chasing arrows doesn’t mean the package is automatically recyclable! The Society of the Plastics Industry only introduced the Resin Identification Code system to merely ide