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There’s no substituting some things in life, and, there’s no faking a proper pub. If the ceilings not sporting a yellow nicotine tinge from a bygone age, and the bar not knotted and nicked, sticky with spills…well, you get the picture. In nearly 29 years in the States, I’ve never found a really proper one. Many have come very close, but sadly, just like New York pizza…it’s not something replicated. So, I’m taking you on a tour of some truly authentic pubs, not to missed in Dublin. Dublin as in the Emerald Isle, Cathleen NiHoulihan, Roisin Dubh. Not as in Dublin, Ohio…

Before we head off, there are a couple of points to be made:

1: You’re never alone in an Irish pub. With all due respect to my mother-in-law, The Irish can talk the hind legs off a donkey. Excelling at small talk, you’ll soon find yourself ‘spilling your heart out’ as quickly as you down the –‘dark stuff‘. My husband once became entangled in a 45-minute conversation with a ‘talkative old boy’ just by crossing the road at the same time – and that was with no alcohol involved. Seriously.

2: About that craic (no, not crack, though the pronunciation is basically the same). Craic, as in “I’m out for a bit of craic!” a Gaelic word translating to something like ‘good times’. Generally along the lines of singing, music, jigging about and more singing…all washed down with libations that make you want to not stop.

So, considering yourself f