How To Stay Healthy While Traveling

“Once the Travel bug bites there is no known antidote, and I know that I shall be happily infected until the end of my life.”

Our Peachers happy, healthy, and hankering for a beer.

Oh we like the travel bite, especially its infectious joy it brings to our lives. However, we don't like any other travel sickness. For that, we have a solution from our experiences around the world and back. Let us fill you in on our healthy travel hacks to keep our Peachers peachy!

Beauty Rest Please

When it comes to traveling, sleep is key! Yet, it isn't always that simple as our sleep schedules tend to get jumbled with travel. There's the waking up early, switching time zones, new beds and pillows to adjust to and so much more. Sleep is essential in keeping our immune systems running strong. Because of this, we recommend putting together your very own sleep kit! Things like sleeping masks, ear plugs, neck pillows, and your favorite sleepy time tea to aid in times of relaxation and sleep throughout your trip. Even bringing a small container of lavender lotion and practicing mindfulness can make all the difference in soothing you for sleep!

Photo: Maeghan Smulders

Water Is Your Friend

Ok repeat with me, "your reusable water bottle is your friend". This is so true as hydration is essential in being ready for every adventure. We want you to think of your water bottle as an emotional support water bottle. That is, it's a source of reliable water that goes with you everywhere. A lot of times when traveling, safe water isn't always the case, but your trusty reusable water bottle is!

Photo: Bluewater Sweden

Sunscreen, Sun, Repeat

Another necessary item to bring to keep you out of harms way is sunscreen! Your skin is your largest organ, therefore it needs proper protection to keep you comfortable and safe in new environments. Skin cancer is no joke, nor is a painful burn. So pack that SPF, hat, and whatever else needed to keep your skin happy! IMPORTANT: remember to always purchase reef safe sunscreen as they can be damaging to our oceans.

Photo: Francesco Ungaro

Up Your Gut Game

Traveling can be stressful. And stress can be harmful to your immunity as it can cause a direct impact on your gut. We recommend, if you're able, to take elderberry syrup or berries on a consistent basis before your trip. Elderberry holds the magic to keeping our immunities strong to fight off the bad guys. Another great way to keep up your gut health before you leave is by packing in those pre and probiotics! Drinks like Kombucha, Kiefer, and even immunity shots can be a great boost to protect your health!

Photo: Tyler Nix

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