Easy Ways to Love the Planet This Valentine's Day

Love is in the air! As Valentine's Day or Galentine's Day is right around the corner, we often forget about someone truly special. We're talkin' about our often overlooked Valentine, Earth!

Valentine’s Day is a multi-billion-dollar industry, with the United States dropping about $27 billion to celebrate love each year. That means we spend billions annually on throwaway gifts, like balloons, teddy bears, decorations, and cards with almost all of them ending up in the landfill — coated in glitter, metallic effects, and laminated in plastic.

All this lovin' unfortunately doesn't show much love to the Earth, which really does need some compassion as we face threats like climate change. Fortunately, we've gathered some easy tips to love the planet this Valentine's Day!

Create Your Own Cards

  • Make your own paper cards as they are more unique and sustainable than store-bought cards. Plus, paper can be recycled as long as you don’t add glitter, foil, or plastic to the card.

Pick Fair Trade Flowers

  • If you’re into flowers, make sure that they are coming from Fair Trade certified farms. Most natural foods stores carry Fair Trade Certified Flowers OR purchase from a local organic flower stand in your community instead.

Eat Fair Trade Chocolate

  • For my chocolate lovers, make sure you’re purchasing chocolate for Valentine’s Day this year, make sure it is Fair Trade Certified. By purchasing Fair Trade chocolate you’re supporting farmers, their communities, better practices for our environment, and fair labor.

Quality Time Vs. Gifts

  • We are all about less consumption. Why not celebrate love by doing an activity together like cooking, supporting your local artists at a gallery, get outside, and more to enjoy each other's company!

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