Dog Friendly Travel Hacks

Such short little lives our pets have to spend with us, and they spend most of it waiting for us to come home each day-John Grogan

This is your sign! Bring your fur ball along for the ride. Fortunately, at our headquarters in Dunedin, FL or also known as "Dogedin" around here it's easy to bring your pup to the pub, beach, or you name it! Four paws are more than welcome. Unfortunately, more often than not, a lot of places aren't so dog friendly which can be discouraging when traveling.

This blog is for my travelers who want their best friend by their side for the next adventure. Our fur babies live short, but meaningful lives. The least we can do is show them a little of the world!

"Dogedin" Mural Dunedin, FL


Sheer panic as the ice cream is knocked right out the coconut shell

BringFido is the world’s leading pet travel and lifestyle brand. Their website and mobile apps connect millions of pet owners around the globe with more than 250,000 pet friendly places. From hotels to vets to groomers BringFido has wherever and whatever you need to easily plan your next dog-friendly adventure!

Planning an epic dog-friendly road trip is a breeze using BringFido’s database of pup-approved restaurants, dog parks, hiking trails and shopping destinations.

Airbnb & VRBO

For me personally, I like to travel within the sharing economy as it offers more authentic experiences while contributing to locals. But the other great thing about it, is that many rentals have dog friendly options! This has been huge in planning last minuet and more affordable trips when bringing the pup. Not to mention many places have YARDS! Sometimes staying in hotels can be difficult with your furry friend with strange noises, people, and no space to zoom out. The nice thing about your private rental is that your pup can relax too. I mean it's their vacation too, right?

Quick Hacks

Sharon & Her Partner In Crime
  1. Research the nearest vet/animal hospital where you’ll be traveling to ahead of time.

  2. Do your research on the Dog-Friendly sites you wanna hit.

  3. Exercise the sh*t outta them the day before they travel.

  4. Let them look out the window and see the world!

  5. Put all your dog’s medical, extra contact and ID info in a waterproof, sealable Ziploc and label what’s in it.

  6. Chicken broth for upset tummies.

  7. CBD and/or familiar toys for anxious pups.

  8. Use seat covers or a blanket (we like the backseat hammock)

  9. Stay hydrated & make sure for relief stops.

  10. Pack enough food and then some, you never know how long you may actually be gone for.

  11. Bring a kennel if necessary.

  12. Enrichment for when boredom strikes! Check out our fav gal, Bindi's Bucket List

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