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Discovering Costa Rica: First Stop- San Gerardo De Dota

San Gerardo de Dota is a treasure to be found, nestled in the remote Talamanca mountains of Costa Rica. The Savegre Lodge Natural Preserve and Spa sits at 8,000 feet neighboring the delicate cloud forest community. Two nights here will leave you refreshed and ready for adventure.

San Gerado de Dota was built from Costa Rican charm in 1954 by Efraín and Federico Chacón. The two were former laborers on coffee farms in the Los Santos area, but eventually settled in the now known, cloud forest village of San Gerardo de Dota. The first signs of tourism within San Gerardo de Dota started with the introduction of trout within the rivers. Eventually, it became a premier ecotourism site at the beginning of the 80s as people began to dive into Costa Rica’s natural wonders.