Discovering Costa Rica: Drake Bay, Osa Peninsula

Updated: Jul 28, 2021

Only accessible by boat, awaits the pristine Drake Bay Wilderness Resort as the second stop of our sustainable Costa Rica Tour. Located in the Wild Osa, the Drake Bay Wilderness Resort lures the weary traveler to an oasis called Drake Bay.

Drake Bay Wilderness Resort

Drake Bay Wilderness Resort was started by Herbert and Marleny in 1985 when Marleny’s father, Jose Manuel, convinced them to move down. Little did they know Jose’s intentions were for the two to buy the property from him and start a hotel. When they started, they were among the very first tourism pioneers in an extremely remote area only accessible by boat. Electricity seemed a distant luxury as it didn’t arrive for another 20 years. Their roots spread deep as the Herbert and Marleny family still operate the resort today. Talk about quite the family business!

The hotel grounds are adorned by exotic and vivid flowers. Furthermore, the grounds are fairly level and flat, allowing easy access for most people. Also, a lovely emerald river gently flows out of the rainforest and into the ocean, providing for an easy boat access right up to the hotel.

Family Is Forever

Some of the many reasons why we love this resort is the thoughtful opportunity the Herbert and Marleny family provide. Visitors are treated like family in Drake Bay. Meals are sourced from the family farm featuring poultry, eggs, and pork with fresh fish and seafood straight from the bay. Family guides show the ropes of the resort and surrounding area to give visitors intimate knowledge of the land, sea, and culture of not only Drake Bay, but also Costa Rica. They even have strict family rules of waste recycling and water conservation. Yes please! These family values not only create AUTHENTIC and MEMORABLE experiences with visitors, but also is SUSTAINABLE!

Just 30 minutes from Corcovado National Park, the hotel is located in Drake Bay one of the most beautiful bays in Costa Rica. Blessed with a great spot, the hotel has a stunning view of the bay and is surrounded by a forest teeming with life.

In fact, playful white-face monkeys often times visit the grounds. Other visitors include coati, anteaters, agoutis, macaws, toucans, common black hawk and many other birds and mammals. Even dolphins are sometimes seen playing or feeding right in front of the hotel.

The Drake Bay Jewels

There are many jewels to behold along this journey with Eat the Peach Travel. Such guided tours include:


Full of legends and rich history, this isolated and unexplored wilderness area will inspire everyone who visits it. Start the tour by entering the Sierpe River into a large, ancient mangrove forest. Later, we will take the boat to Bird Island to see nesting and frigate birds.


Ancient Indian burial ground, beautiful shaded beaches, hiking to the top of the island and outstanding snorkeling.


Considered one of the world’s most biodiverse regions, its wildlife includes scarlet macaws, tapirs, jaguars and squirrel monkeys. Hiking trails follow coastal and inland routes through habitats ranging from Pacific beaches and mangrove swamps to lowland and montane rainforests.

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