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Becoming a Sustainable Tour Operator

If there is anything we have learned this year it is adaptability. But boy, have we adapted. When all travel halted, it gave us some stir-crazy downtime. Looking at it now, it may have been for the better as it made us re-evaluate how we do things, especially with tourism. So when life does hand you a pandemic…why not go BACK TO SCHOOL. With nothing, but time on our hands this seemed like the best option. And it has been as we discovered the University of South Florida has a fantastic Sustainable Tourism graduate program.

It sounded too good to be true, you can study tourism AND sustainability? Those are some of our two favorite things! Studying sustainable tourism in Florida has been quite unique as it really is a tourist playground. From plastic in the oceans, people messing with vulnerable manatees, and over tourism something has to be done.

There’s loads of opportunities and people to meet here who often share similar viewpoints that the tourist industry can and should do better. This viewpoint is really the heart of what sustainable tourism needs – people to care with greater education and practices. And people this is what we are here for! We have taken these ideas from our classes and are running with it to apply to our new Floridian lifestyle, and just as importantly, OUR SUSTAINABLE TOURS! If you guys still haven’t felt our passion yet, then let’s grab a beer and talk.

Getting back in the classroom may have been slightly intimidating, but worth it as we have totally revamped how Eat The Peach Travel works. With sustainable group tours, we can do our part with the planet and continue to do what we love. This year has been quite the challenge with the array of canceled plans, but that only opened us up to a greater plan of being students of the planet.

We’d like to think we sweetened up these bitter lemons from this pandemic to make some fine lemonade, cheers!