B Tourism: A Force For Good

B Tourism is a global network of Certified B Corporation travel and tourism companies as well as other conscious travel organizations that take collective action for environmental and social justice.

Inspired by the environmentally rigorous B Corp Certification, the platform hopes to serve as a resource for the regenerative travel movement and to help travelers enjoy a vacation experience that embodies interdependence and interconnectedness. How cool is that? B Tourism has created a platform for like-minded hospitality, tourism, and travel leaders to be their own forces of good! This is exactly what we are preachin' at Eat The Peach Travel.



  • To encourage travel that regenerates ecosystems and creates harmony among all of its parts

  • To offer vacation experiences that embodies interdependence and interconnectedness, and embraces these concepts to leave people deeply fulfilled

  • To use travel and tourism as a force for good, so that travelers cultivate connections with themselves, family and friends, nature, culture, and new ways of seeing things – to promote unique experiences and memories, reduce stress and improve their health, enhance creativity and abilities, and enrich appreciation for life itself

  • To align travel dollars and personal values


  • To share best practices and promote local and global partnerships

  • To foster community and support each other through shared values systems

  • To take collective action to address systems change, stakeholder capitalism, climate justice, social justice, racial/gender equity, civic education, preserve culture/heritage, SDG’s, circular economy, economic leakage, youth education, and to transform travel & tourism to be a force for good

  • To apply the same measured focus to positive stakeholder impacts as to profits

Our network promotes utilizing tourism as a force for good so that travelers can cultivate connections with themselves, family & friends, nature, culture, and a new way of seeing things while supporting companies that align with their values.

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