5 Ways To Swap Plastics While Traveling

Throughout the years, we have mastered travel hacks and tips when on the go. It comes with the profession from lessons learned of the do’s and don'ts. More recently, we have discovered how switching from harmful plastics for both humans and the planet to plastic free alternatives are actually WAY easier to travel with! This blog is dedicated to help you set up your plastic free suitcase to make for easier travels!

1. Shampoo Bars

Did you know 550 million empty shampoo bottles are thrown away each year. That’s in the US alone! The good thing is, there is a fantastic alternative called shampoo bars that not only keeps your hair squeaky clean, but are also plastic free. Some even double as body wash, score!

What’s great about shampoo bars is that they are fantastic to travel with. Their small size is easily packable AND great for flights as you don’t have to worry about the 3oz limit. As well, they help us never have to use those mini shampoo and conditioner bottles that get tossed regularly on vacation ever again! We call that a win-win.

2. Toothpaste Bites

Ready for another scary fact? Although dentists may applaud us for using toothpaste, we generate enough toothpaste tubes annually to circle the Earth twice! The sad part is, we can’t even recycle those tubes, so imagine every toothpaste tube ever made will be tossed. That’s a whole lotta waste.

Fortunately, many companies have started to switch to toothpaste bites. These little guys often come in a glass jar or compostable packaging where all you need to do is bite and start brushing. This is a fabulous plastic alternative and easy travel accessory on the go as you can bring more toothpaste without having to worry about the 3 oz or sacrificing your dental hygiene.

3. Deodorant Bars & Jars

We all wear deodorant, or at least we hope you do on our tours to avoid a… sticky situation, but the sad reality is that most of our deodorant containers can’t be recycled. That’s another massive and wasteful product to the planet.

So what can you use instead that is great for on the go and the planet? Deodorant bars, jars, and powders! While traveling we may tend to sweat more due to nerves, greater activity, hot planes, and maybe in a more humid destination. This is great for deodorant bars as they are easy to pack, often aluminum free, and work just as well as the standard ones.

4. Bring Your Reusables

This goes for your cutlery, straws, food containers, bottles, and whatever else you may need. On the go in a new place may be unfamiliar, but that doesn’t have to mean for your reusables! By saving some room packing for these plastic warriors, it not only limits the waste where you travel, but also may come in handy more times than not.

An inside tip for you, all those fancy drinks we get on vacation taste way better without reusable straws as we can sip with a healthy conscience.

5. Shop Local

With the combination of your reusables and shopping local this LIMITS your chances of encountering plastics. This is especially the case in local farmers markets. Not only is it a great way to see the local culture and cuisine, but also is an easy way to use your reusables when out and about.

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