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Co-pilot, master planner, day dreamer and on a constant quest for an adventure. After 30 years as a Yonkers Fire Fighter, Capn’ Travers puts his heart and soul into safe, exciting tours that are also on the right side of amazing!


Co-pilot, and the Yin to Tom’s Yang, Sharon applies a constant attention to detail.  Whether it’s making sure the pillows are fluffy enough, the atmosphere just so, or reservations properly made, her passion to have everything ‘lovely’ is what makes our adventures a luxury.


As a fearless team leader, Conor generally takes the helm on late nights out! As a bit of an expert on the late night music, he’ll provide company, a laugh or two and a ton of local knowledge!



Videographer, photographer and singer extradinaire…this talented lady joins us when media is needed for our adventures. Added bonus – give her a microphone and she’ll have you dancing before you know it!


Our favorite sound engineer…and definitely our favorite guitarist, Dan brings his talent, rhythm and company when needed (and always welcomed).

annabel cara

Annabel & Cara

Social media, blogs, party-tricks…Annabel & Cara juggle a lot of balls around here. Excellent brainstormers, their fresh perspective brings fun ideas when we’re busy designing new adventures!

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