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I love to travel.  Love it, love it, love it…absolutely detest flying though.  I used to fly a lot as a kid and loved it.  My first flight was on one of Freddie Laker’s last.  London to New York.  We circled for what seemed like forever in a cigarette- filled cabin high above NYC before landing…no one bothered putting seat belts on…no ‘seat in the upright position’ baloney… lovely crime-ridden NYC circa 1978…

Fast forward to my teens and still flying wasn’t the holy terror it is now.  We lived in South East Asia which meant nightmarish trips halfway around the globe… seemed to take days.  Getting back to the UK meant picking up the weekly BA flight from Sydney en route to London-an endless 18-hour flight stopping in what was then Bombay.  Looking out the window always involved furtive waves to kids running along the side of the runway.  I could never fathom how they were allowed so close to a taxiing 747…

The plane doors would open and hot humid air would slowly begin to suffocate us.  That and the grumpy looking ground personal coming aboard to spray insecticide along the aisles…probably have some sort of impending neurologically disorder or dame bramage as a result of all that.  Suppose that’s a step up from a flight an uncle once took on Aeroflot…broken seatbelts…animals loose in the aisle. No thank you very much!

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