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Oh…the marvelous healing powers of Mother Nature!  If you’re like us, when you travel you seek out the awe-inspiring spots unique to that location – the spots that remind you why you love to travel. 

We love hot springs!

What are hot springs? The result of water beneath the Earth’s surface becoming so hot, it bubbles through the surface. The water either gathers naturally, or is harnessed into man made pools and spas.  

Like a multivitamin for the skin!  

Because heated water can hold more dissolved solids, hot springs have an especially high mineral content, containing everything from calcium, magnesium, silica, lithium, and even radium.

So, where do we hang out? 

Around 20 minutes outside of San Miguel de Allende, is La Gruta (The Cave).  Known for its tranquil and medicinal waters, and it’s also one of the best day trips in the region.

Though there are several pools all warmed by Mother Nature, the most exciting is situated down a long,  cavern like way, via La Gruta’s main outside pool.  Wandering through this gorgeous stone tunnel delivers you into a vast domed enclosure.  A round, stone dome, supplied with ferociously gushing hot spring water, spouting from a pipe in the roof. Guests usually alternate getting doused by the falling water. 

La Gruta’s grounds are jam-packed with lush, tropical gardens and picnic spots.  A vast temescal (a customary Mexican steam shower); a little boutique shop  and a cute eatery and bar.  But…there’s also a day spa!


If you want more of all this good stuff, a small private spa is set up for fabulous back rubs and aromatherapy based treatments.  Guaranteed to turn you to a happy, pliable chilled version of yourself. 

Could definitely go for a steamy dip right now…oh baby it’s cold outside!

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