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“Yeah, sounds cool…but we don’t do group trips, looks great though! but wait a minute…what’s your next trip about?

We hear this a lot…and that’s ok. because this is the thing, between the two of us, we’ve racked up so much traveling that group travel is becoming an adventure in its own right. There comes a point where you’ve wandered so many paths alone, that the camaraderie and thrill of sharing a journey can be just that – thrilling!

Of course, not all group tours are built with the same potential. There’s a delicate balance – a ratio of free time vs group, that’s achieved from the experience of working with different types of people. You also have to ‘put yourself out there’, culture a dramatic flair for life, and nurture An inherent ‘like’ for people. Teaching helped me with that, as did Tom’s lifelong career as a firefighter, though I suspect we’d have loved this path regardless of our previous lives…

So, how do we do group travel? well, we prefer the term ‘group solo’. We aim to provide a framework for our adventurers – a scaffolding to find their own sense of discovery while utilizing our companionship and expertise. an experience that, regardless of your prior wanderings, will have you saying “well that’s a first…”

So what do we offer? An adventure, certainly, but an adventure with an underlying sentiment…

that, in the end, after all the travel, it was about the friends you made, only you just didn’t realize it at the time. It’s a good thing:)

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