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        Eat the Peach Travel donates $500 from every trip to

             Centro infantil De Los Angeles (casadelosangeles.org)


How often do we have the chance to give a dollar and know that every cent matters?  That your moment of generosity will go exactly where it’s intended and not lost amongst red tape

of a behemoth charity?


Or, place a donated book in the hands of a child,

or see a little one running around in an outfit you donated

yourself?  We work hand-in-hand with

Centro Infantil De Los Angeles.  Our children volunteer

their summers at the center. We've donated funds, 

clothing and our time.  


As a fellow adventurer on our trip, you too have 

the chance to 'pay it forward'. Whether donating

a kids book, an item or clothing, or even by

reading a book to a child, you can become

involved. That would buy breakfast and lunch

for our  children for a whole month. 


But, on every trip we also donate $500 in our groups' name,

you get to have a DIRECT impact on a child's life!


$500 SPONSORS A CHILD, by covering a year of care for one child in the Centro Infantil de Los Angeles daycare. This amount accounts for the teacher's salary, daily breakfast & lunch, classroom supplies, birthday gifts, and spare clothes/diapers/shoes. All money goes directly to day-to-day support for the child in the daycare, not to family members.  So, ask yourself…who’s really getting the gift here?


*Centro Infantil De Los Angeles, established in 2000, sits deep in the mountains of San Miguel De Allende, Mexico. Run by a community of volunteers that aim to gather and nurture children of local, single mothers.  These women, many homeless, are fighting to provide a better life for their children.  Casa De Los Angeles offers a safe haven, with the support and the help needed to build a life for themselves. 


*With the help of donations, Centro Infantil De Los Angeles is also able to provide medical care for families, a food bank, and scholarships opportunities, and has grown to now serve more than 100 children from 83 families.  In late 2003, a construction program began building bathrooms and houses for families served, culminating in 2005 with the opening of Casa Santa Clara;  a transitional housing program and emergency shelter for our poorest families. Casa De Los Angeles is an internationally recognized nonprofit as well as a 501(c) (3) recognized nonprofit in the United States and Mexico.

Cara & Annabel, Summer of 2013