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Buttercup is one of the most famous sloths of all time. And the oldest female three-toed sloth ever recorded. She is widely considered the queen of sloths and lives in the Costa Rica sloth sanctuary.   Sweet Ms. Buttercup was catapulted to international recognition from the wildly popular Animal Planet series β€œMeet the Sloths”. Buttercup was only a few months old when

For over 70 years, until her passing last year, Doris Olive Netting put back a glass of Guinness every day.  Since the Second World War, Doris slugged back a pint of the black stuff, until the ripe age of  100 years of age!   During my impoverished college years in England, a pint of guinness and a packet of crisps often stepped in for 'lunch'

There'sΒ no substituting some things in life, and, there's no faking a proper pub.Β  If the ceilings not sporting aΒ yellow nicotine tingeΒ from a bygone age, and the bar notΒ knotted and nicked, sticky with spills

The thing about hanging around in a country where the currency is weaker than your own, is that you feel flushed.Β  A sensation heightened by the margaritas I'd had in the cenote bar. Sitting in a perfect little spot, outside the bar near the parking lot, sat an abuela and her nieta

​Dia De Los Muertos pokes a wet-willyΒ in deaths'Β ear,Β explodes with an appreciationΒ for theΒ sweetness ofΒ life while bowing down with the utmost respect to the occasion.Β  HeldΒ within range of Halloween, and featuringΒ macabre imagery and costumes, it's often referred to asΒ β€œMexican Halloween”.Β Β  In reality, however, the difference is similar to the cool, well-dressed, proverbial 'aunt' that comes to family occasions.  While there's no relation to this

So warm up with some of this yummy deliciousness!! Mexican hot chocolate is so simple to make…it should be a crime to drink the packet stuff instead of this! What you’ll find below is more of a direction on what to do with those β€˜odd, dark shapes of compressed chocolate’.   What you’ll need for you and a friend: -1 β€˜disc’, or β€˜square’  of

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