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Guiding you off the beaten path, while visiting the sites worth your time
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Escorted adventures by Eat The Peach Travel 

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Blackrock Castle and observarory in Cork at sunset, Ireland_edited_edited.jpg
Ireland, Dublin + Galway:
Pubs, Castles & Craic Tour

Coming summer 2022

Dramatic sunset over river Seine in Paris, France, with Conciergerie and Pont Neuf. Colour
River Cruising: Taste of Bordeaux


San Miguel De Allende, Mexico: Day of the Dead:

October 29th - November 5th 2022




In another life, a Yonkers Fire Captain, and a public school teacher.  These days it’s all about traveling with friends – new and old.


Several years ago, after getting married in San Miguel De Allende, we started Talaverica.com, an import business.  We really enjoyed working with regional artisans and running a fun, online enterprise.


At the same time, our family (and kids) worked with Casa De Los Angeles – a kids charity in San Miguel De Allende.  We continue to donate time, energy and resources were able.


The wealth of experience, gained along the way, has helped us channel that knowledge, business savvy and passion into Eat The Peach Travel - a small group travel business, focussing on handpicked itineraries. 


Small groups of like-minded travelers, visiting locations you’ve always wanted to explore, but guided along lesser known paths… Sort of like a friends group with a traveling problem!

Warmest wishes and we hope to meet you soon,

                                 Sharon & Tom



John B.

Consummate Pros!

I dared to ‘Eat The Peach” and join Sharon and Tom’s Dia De Los Muertos Tour’ – enjoyed one of the most relaxing, congenial, informative and feast-for-the-senses weeks of my life. I once owned a travel agency, have been a place or two….so that’s not an uninformed opinion!


Leslie H

Also, it was so much fun dressing and participating in the ‘Dia de Los Muertos’ parade. We would highly recommend ‘Eat The Peach Travel’ to anyone that would love to explore new places and to truly experience all that they have to offer.


Heather. C

Thank you both so much. I cannot express how much i enjoyed the whole week. You are both so professional and think of every want or need…Can’t wait for the next adventure!


James Doe

Every little detail was thought out and executed by you with jolly grace (Ya tricked us. We never saw ya sweat!). I love that I didn’t have to do ANY of the tedious work of creating an unforgettable travel experience, which for me, is all about discovering off the beaten path jewels – you got em all! Thank you!!


Vincent. T

Although I wish great success to Sharon & Tom in their business, I am reluctant to tell too many people about this for fear that it might lose the unique intimacy that is lacking in so many other group tours & agencies. It is that special.